Wednesday, July 17, 2013

COPPING A FEEL! Balt. County Cop Caught Masturbating On Job, Videotaped Self

NAME: Aaron Z. Pross

Age: 29

Rank: Officer

Agency: Baltimore County Police Department

Ignored 911 calls, including shooting, while video taping self masturbating in police car.

Took more than 120 images & 20 videos engaging in sexual acts with himself.

Images of handcuffed, naked woman on police car, showing her participating in sexual activity found on phone.

Sent explicit video to 16-year-old girl, her father contacted police.

Pleaded guilty, given 18-month suspended sentence, three years unsupervised probation, no jail time.

HOS STATUS: Inducted 17 July 2013

Read court documents detailing charges.

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